Recycle these clever items during your move

I am packing up my entire life to move to Hawaii. I have an apartment with many things that need to be recycled, donated, or disposed of properly.

I formerly coordinated waste streams for the Dallas county hospital. Waste is a heavy subject, but these steps will help it seem a little less overwhelming.

First things, first –

Get your recycling on lockdown

Check out what items can be thrown into the mixed recycling stream.

My apartment accepts paper, certain plastics (#1-5, #7)*, cardboard, and a few other items.

I also like to use different colored bags to differentiate between waste streams. When you are knee deep in stuff, the vibrant recycling bag comes in handy. 

Move on to donating items

Donate good-condition items. We want Salvation Army and Goodwill to be able to resell them. Let’s stop sending our broken and tattered items to them.

For tattered items…

City events are always in season

The City of Dallas hosts regular recycling roundups for more complex items. One of the items in textiles. You can also bring items like electronics and scrap metals.

Don’t forget about hazardous materials

These items include batteries, oil, paints, and antifreeze

Once again, the City of Dallas hosts specific events to accept these items. We call them BOPA Collections.

I am sure you will have more items to sift through for your personal waste management plan, but I hope these suggestions offer insight.

Seriously, check out city recycling! And let me know what you think about your city’s program

Waste does not need to be shunned. Instead, we need to look at what items we are bringing into our life. Why are you throwing away that item in the first place?

Keep being beautiful.


*#6 plastic is Polystyrene, or Stryoforam. Styrofoam is incredibly difficulut to recycle and very few recyclers exist. Try to stay away from this gnarly stuff.


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Are you interested in becoming a farmer, but have no idea where to start? #Same Welcome to a novice’s adventure in organic farming. This blog will be a “from scratch” perspective on how to make a career in organic farming. In March, I will leave my life in Dallas, TX to venture to the Big Island of Hawaii to apprentice on an organic farm. I hope to connect with a community of passionate agriculturists, gardeners, and climatarians to address a better business model for our food system. Please contact me if you would like to connect! Together we can make a healthier planet.

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