The farm is calling and I must go

Today marks the first week that Chris and I have been working and living in Hawaii. The farm is breathtaking. Vibrant colors, sweet smells, and soft soil blanket the area in tranquility.

Wildflowers line the vegetable beds while birds flutter above us. Yes, this picturesque place is wonderful to stop in to pick up some veggies, but hot damn is it hard work.

This chameleon went cruising on my hat

Back breaking shoveling consumes most of the day. Then, of course, weeding.

A break consists of sitting in the sun to plant sprouts of a medley of vegetables.

This kind of work truly builds character. It is quite simple, can you handle it or not?

As grueling as it may seem, there are many benefits.

One – being outdoors!

At my last job, I pained the day away sitting in front of a computer in the basement of a county hospital. Working outdoors where I have a view of the ocean is an amazing change.


Two – fresh veggies! Every day we pick whatever veggies we need for dinner that night. Once you have a vine ripened tomato or a fresh bunch of bananas, there is no looking back.

I am astounded at how different fresh produce tastes compared to grocery store items. I didn’t realize food could taste this good.

Three – being active. This rut of life where we go to work – sit – come home – sit – go to sleep is stealing our quality of life. I tell you this from first hand, being in an environment where you are active is incredibly energizing. This past weekend we hiked around 20 miles without blinking an eye.

At every point in our careers there will be office work that needs to be completed. However, I aim to not let a sedentary lifestyle take over my sense of adventure.


In short, this first week on the farm has been challenging, but I feel accomplished for taking back my life. I did not like my situation so I made a change.

Check out my Youtube video to see what adventures we have been up to :

(If you know a better way to embed a video, PLEASE let me know!)

Adventure is calling!


About emma_donachie

Are you interested in becoming a farmer, but have no idea where to start? #Same Welcome to a novice’s adventure in organic farming. This blog will be a “from scratch” perspective on how to make a career in organic farming. In March, I will leave my life in Dallas, TX to venture to the Big Island of Hawaii to apprentice on an organic farm. I hope to connect with a community of passionate agriculturists, gardeners, and climatarians to address a better business model for our food system. Please contact me if you would like to connect! Together we can make a healthier planet.

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